The 2nd ICPM 2015 in Calgary Canada 第42回全國大會(一社)日本生産管理學會

   講演テーマ:  Introduction of the Toyota Production System
in a Traditional Japanese Confectionery Factory

       — Productivity Improvement by the Adoption of assembly-line System —

                12-13 Sep. Westin Hotel in Calgary Canada 

Abstract: The Toyota Production System (TPS) was adopted by the confectionery factory of Baikodo. The present paper describes changes in the TPS-based production at the factory during the period of improvement activity. Since the process of packing is a labor-intensive task, it had a significant influence on the productivity of the factory. The results suggest that streamlining the production of confectionery is essential to improve the productivity of factories. The paper describes changes in the process of packing caused by its streamlining. There was a significant improvement in the productivity during the above-mentioned period.

 上記の內容で2nd ICPMで発表しました。日本生産管理學會が主體となり現地のAthabasca UniversityやTOYOTA MOTOR MANUFACTURNG、Westin Hotel、 中華人民共和國、韓國などの60人を超える參加が有りました。
 CalgaryではWinchell Lake の天然ガスポンプ場、ものづくり博物館を見學し、Toronto近郊のCambridgeのトヨタ モーター カナダの工場を見學しました。日本の食品工場にはまだまだ改善すべき點が沢山殘っている事を実感しました。

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