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丂@tempo 丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂
For Large size Bakery, Wholesale Bakery

Retail Bakery Making Profit Software丂丂
丂丂丂丂乭a tempo乭MES retail bakaries management software,
丂丂丂丂easily introduced, and surely collecting initial cost

丂丂丂丂丂丂乬 a tempo乭 , attempting 乬Visualization of work乭
丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂and managing production profitable

丂In the daily changing sales environment, a retail bakery is managed on the embrasure of the risk of the losing sales chance and the overproduction. Product isn't sold if it is not produced timely for the sales peak, different from the mass production factory. Of course, freshness is lost if making too early and the customer is leaving. The production schedule meeting in the change of the sales volume for every hour becomes the key of the retail bakery prosperity. However, this opts to become a production schedule with low labor efficiency. So far, as for the profitability of the retail bakery, which has been upon the store manager乫s skill.

To avoid such a condition, 乬at tempo乭 shows the management index in the real-time.  "@ tempo " has been developed in order to be easily introduced at the independent retail bakery to avoid the problem of the sales opportunity loss and the overproduction to extend sales, and to create the rational production plan without 乬waiting material loss乭 and 乬 waiting work loss乭

丂丂The Effect of the "仐 tempo" Intoroduction

丂Product contents
CD-ROM ( The 乬at tempo乭 program set, Installer, Hardware key driver, Catalog (PDF) ),  Sentinel
丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂hardware key, the summary version instruction

丂Required system : CPU/Pentium 1 GHz, or more recommending, OS/ Windows XP SP2, Hard-disk /By the room 1GB 丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂or more, Memory/ 512MB or more, Monitor / XGA(1024亊768), Disk unit / CD Rom drive

丂Price丂丂       丂 Suggested retail price 600,000 yen + tax/ one stand-alone versionIn Japan
丂Support contract丗
The support of a question on the use by the e-mail and so on, and the new version is
丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂discounted.   One coupon for a day seminar      60,000 yen + tax / year

One day seminar:  The instruction such as the data subscription and the schedule development of about 6 hours can
丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂be received once. The three persons per one company can participate at the same time.

丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂50,000 yen + tax

丂The data subscription: Substitution for the data subscription per 1 store                100,000 yen + tax丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂
丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂These prices above are for customer in Japan.

丂The introduction object: Two mixers ( regardless kind ), two ovens ( a plain oven, a French oven, a batch oven such
丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂as a stone oven ), a doughnut fryer, a
retail bakery equipped with the equipment within one
丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂reverse seater. * Raw material, The conditions of manufacture of the product, the specification of
丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂the equipments, the working shift are necessary. It is applicable with most retail bakery which fits
丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂above condition ( Software change is not applicable).

* In the case of introduction of the server client method, MES ( Manufacturing Execution System ) building, is available. In the chain stores, separately, it supports a central control in the head-quarter by the LAN connection, too. (Ask separately for the quotation).

Frequent Questions Asked

Q: What thing is made by 乬at tempo乭?
It is the visualization of the bakery if saying by a word. The one day of the bakery is easily shown in the graph. There are a lot of things to be able to do. The following are the some of them.



侾丏Production plan/Process control:丂丂Baking-up plan adjusting to the sales peak can be easily created.  Alarm-display is on for the behind schedule ( delivery ). A required work force displayed by every minute makes it possible to arrange of the worker efficiently. According to the sales, the change of plan such as the addition of the product is easily made. The production by correct condition and the stable quality can be done because planned time is shown every process. The cost reduction can be executed as a results of efficient production.

俀丏Raw Material Control:It calculates material consumption and eliminates the wastefulness of material. It has a feature of the inventory check, too. It prevents material ordering forgetting.  The consumption of all the material such as the filling and own made material can be compared with the actual consumption. The planned material ordering is made. The raw material price can be confirmed at any time.

. Product Control:  The quality of the product is stable because the process condition of all products is stipulated and can be controlled with manufacture rule. It calculates the labor cost in addition to the material cost.

係丏Making Working Shift:丂丂Working shift plan can be easily created at the bakery with many part-time jobs.

俆丏Optimization of Work and Labor: A working condition and the status of working shift are evaluated.

俇丏Simulation:The future production, the special order, the plan and the remodeling of new shop and so on can be reviewed beforehand. By the tentative saving mode the plan is studied in the comparison.

俈丏Mixing Preparation:丂丂It is not necessary to calculate at each preparation of mixing as the weight of all material is shown in display every each preparation batch

俉丏Management Indexes:Many indexes are calculated in the real time (Daily report is created).

俋丏Traceability support :丂丂A product list about products which the specific raw material is used is shown.

Q:  Is there a meaning in the name of 乬 a tempo乭 ?
A: @ tempo乭 , it is a meaning  " at store ".  The 乬a tempo乭 is a meaning, " by the tempo ", in the music term.It is named with the wish to manage a bakery skillfully at the tempo suited rhythm at tempo ( a retail store ).

Q:Where is different about 乬at tempo乭 and 乬Ad libitum乭 ?
: 乬Ad libitum乭 is the large-scale software for the mass production factory being made according to the specification of each factory. The price is above the millions yen. Because it is different every factory, it is customarily made according to the condition of the mass production factory. However, it was expensive for the small retail bakery. The 乬at tempo乭 has been created for the small retail bakery after investigation of small retail bakeries. The 乬at tempo乭 has a very high performance regardless of the price. The 乬a tempo乭 is a package software for the retail bakery and is not customized for each retail bakery. However, because customization in case of practical use is made by entering the condition of the bakery, it is possible to use at most retail bakery. Moreover, a professional operator isn't needed.

Q:At what bakery, is it possible to use 乬 at tempo乭 ?
: Refer to the introduction object in the back. It is possible to use at most retail bakery.

Q:Will it be difficult to use?  Is it possible to use other than the master of the PC ?
丗丂Every one who can use Word and Excel can easily use it. A detailed instruction manual is installed in the PC.

Q丗丂There is not confidence only in the instruction manual
Be relieved because we are doing the 1DAY seminar separately. A support contract includes to make a question in many times in the e-mail, the telephone, at the fax. The 1DAY seminar, too, is included in the support contract.

Q: Does it think of convenient if being, but isn't the daily maintenance terrible?

Only required maintenance operation other than the daily use are new material registration, change material cost, the new product subscription and new employee registration, etc., it is not required so much time.

Q丗丂It is anxious for whether the performance will be poor in future when buying early.
Buying a support contract, it is possible to buy in the favorable condition the new version.

Q: What PC is it possible used ?

AIt is so-called ordinary PC. Refer to the necessary system environment in the back for the specification.

Q丗丂Is there any thing to prepare as well as the PC ?
There is no thing to be prepared specifically. Of course, the data of the information to input in the 乬at tempo乭 such as the product standards, the staff and the equipment and so on, is necessary.

As for the question about 乬@ tempo乭, give us contact in writing such as the name, the department, the position, the address

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